Todd Richter Attributes Successes to His Studies

November 23, 2021
Todd Richter
Todd Richter has grown into a successful businessperson in years and decades past. He is currently the managing director for Bank of America’s global healthcare investment group -- a job that he attained in 1999 following significant experience in healthcare research. That experience includes 18 years spent with Morgan Stanley directing the firm’s healthcare services equity research efforts.

For Todd Richter, it was his collegiate education at two universities that set him up for success and a lengthy career in the healthcare field. It created a sturdy foundation from which he could grow and prosper. Richter is a 1979 graduate of the College of William & Mary, a premier public research university. He earned his bachelor degree there, also committing himself wholly to the school’s golf program. It is that program and its coach from which Richter’s true growth began. His studies continued at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Richter was a 1981 graduate of the prestigious business school, gaining his Masters in Business Administration in two years.

Richter holds great pride for both of these educational institutions and attributes both to making him the businessman that he became. In appreciation, Richter recently provided endowments to both schools to aid other students like him.

Todd Richter’s vibrant education

May 19, 2021
Todd B. Richter
Todd Richter has grown to become one of Wall Street’s leading analysts in the healthcare industry: a reputation that has emerged across a 20-year career. But where did Richter begin and what laid the foundation for success?

Richter attended the College of William & Mary for his undergraduate studies. This is a premier public research university in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the second-oldest higher learning institution in the United States. He graduated in 1979 from the esteemed school. During his time there, he focused on his education as well as his athletics on the golf course. For 40 years now, Richter has maintained a connection to his alma mater and its golf program, recently providing an estate commitment to the men’s and women’s golf programs in the amount of $5 million.

Todd Richter is also a graduate of Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. There he achieved his Masters of Business in Administration in 1981, further laying a foundation for his long career. Richter found his education from the Kelley School to be invaluable and pertinent to his career. And for that reason, he provided them with a $5 million estate commitment toward five endowments, primarily benefiting the finance department -- where he studied -- and its professors and students.

Todd Richter’s generous heart

May 19, 2021

When he became an achieving adult in the financial field, Todd Richter chose to share his success with those who helped bring it to him. He chose to give back to his two alma maters that laid an educational foundation for his career.

With almost four decades of work behind him including more than 20 years as one of Wall Street’s leading healthcare industry analysts, Richter has amassed some wealth throughout his profession. Recently, he shared that wealth with two colleges to which he attributes that success: the College of William & Mary and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Richter earned his undergraduate degree from the former in 1979, but it was his time on the Virginia’s school’s golf team that taught him discipline and how to be an effective competitor. In 1981, Richter graduated from the Kelley School with his MBA, but earned an education in the finance department that far exceeded a degree piece of paper.

For their part in making Todd Richter a success, the financial businessman recently provided $5 million estate commitments to each of the schools and, respectively, those specific aspects that contributed greatly to his career: the golf team and the financial department. These endowments ensure that future students and those leaders providing them with skills and opportunities are set up for success in the same ways that Richter was decades ago.